Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Helps Move Your Child One Step Closer to Their Dreams

What is Physical Therapy?
Physical therapy is the treatment of injuries or disorders using physical exercises, massage, application of heat or other body movements. The injuries or disorders may be physical, psychological, emotional, or social in nature. Steps2Strides' physical therapists have unique knowledge and skills related to the body and movement that apply to all areas of a child’s life. The physical therapists work as part of an integrated team to assess your child’s needs and determine whether or not your child could benefit from the techniques of physical therapy.

Who needs it?
If your child has difficulty with running or staying balanced you might need the help of a physical therapist. Often times, physical therapy is used for rehabilitation after an injury or to improve a physical disorder like cerebral palsy. Physical therapy can help enhance mobility so that children can safely participate in activities at home and in their community. It can help when children are having difficulty with crawling, participation in sports or when they are missing out on other important physical interactions.

How does it work?
Physical therapists use daily exercise techniques and functional training to improve a patient’s range of motion or gross motor skills. Steps2Strides' physical therapists specialize in children, utilizing approaches that seem like play. Your child may crawl through tunnels, ride on a swing or practice catching and throwing a ball. Each exercise will stretch, strengthen and improve your child’s mobility. Our physical therapists get them moving in the right direction towards optimum development and enhance their ability to safely interact in any environment.
Steps2Strides Therapy Center has locations in Denison, Abilene and Paris. All locations are accepting new patients.
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