Psychological Counseling
Psychological Counseling Provides Steps Toward a Brighter Future

What is Psychological Counseling?
Psychological Counseling is used to treat children with behavioral or emotional problems. It aims to reduce symptoms in the way of optimum behavioral, emotional or social development. The goal is to improve the overall well-being of the child and resolve problems affecting their personal and family lives. It can improve the functioning of the whole family and provide the stability to cope with life’s difficulties.

Who needs it?

Is your child impatient or bossy with other children, often disruptive in class or considered the class clown? Is your child angry or withdrawn, having trouble making friends and fitting in, emotional and crying often, or hitting or injuring self and/or others? If so, you may want to see a Psychological Counselor. A child who is dealing with any of these problems can benefit from the Steps2Strides system that is designed to treat children with behavioral or emotional problems.

How does it work?
Psychological Counseling may consist of assessment, group and one-on-one therapy. It relies on family involvement to achieve success.  Step2Strides' counselors often teach families strategies to improve parent/child relationships, cope with life’s difficulties and manage emotional challenges. Our counselors are trained to determine your child’s best path to emotional, behavioral or psychological health.
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