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Determining when your child has missed a step in their development is difficult. That is why at Steps2Strides, we provide you with the expertise and complete care to build new stepping stones in their life path.

We have a range of therapies to support your child in having a joy-filled and fully functional life. We can help you assess your child’s developmental needs. Below are some signs that your child might need one of our therapy approaches.

Signs your child might need a Speech Therapist:
My child has difficulty…
•    pronouncing words and/or speaking clearly
•    swallowing
•    holding their head up
•    chewing
•    drinking

Signs your child might need a Physical Therapist:
My child has difficulty…
•    rolling over
•    sitting up
•    walking or running
•    balancing
•    riding a bicycle

Signs your child might need an Occupational Therapist:
My child has difficulty…
•    tying their shoes
•    getting dressed
•    picking up blocks
•    writing
•    holding a fork or glass

Signs your child might need a Dietician:
My child is… 
•    too thin
•    too heavy
•    diabetic
•    in need of a specialized diet
•    in need of a healthy diet

Signs your child might need a Social Worker or Counselor:
My child is…
•    impatient or bossy with other children
•    disruptive in class or is the class clown                                      
•    resisting our daily routines and refuses to help
•    angry or withdrawn
•    often called a trouble maker
•    having trouble making friends and fitting in
•    emotional and crying often
•    hitting or injuring self and/or others

These are just a few of the signs that your child could use some support in creating a brighter future. Call us today for more information.
Steps2Strides Therapy Center has locations in Denison, Abilene and Paris. All locations are accepting new patients.
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