About Steps2Strides
We’re Taking Pediatric Care a Step in the Right Direction
At Steps2Strides, we’re taking the necessary steps to bring more joy and life to children with physical and developmental disorders. Our state-of-the-art pediatric centers provide complete assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for children ages 0-21. Our specialized therapists work with disabilities ranging from Autism to Developmental Delay, and offer the most comprehensive care available for patients and their families. We provide the necessary tools and support to all families and organizations concerned about the health and well being of the children in their care.

One Complete System Dedicated to Your Child’s Steps to Success

Steps2Strides is a Pediatric outpatient therapy center focused on providing a well-rounded approach to therapy. Our integrated team of professionals offer the results and answers you’ve been seeking, while giving optimal care and encouragement every step of the way. We’ve built a package of services under one roof and accessible to the community that focuses on the whole child, rather than just one aspect of their health. Finally, you can have access to all the resources you need to find proper care for your child.

We Take You Step-by-Step Towards Freedom and a Brighter Future

Our services account for each part of the process, from finding community resources your family needs to providing an accurate evaluation of your child’s disorder. We have licensed therapists, nutritionists, social workers and specialists who handle Medicaid, Amerigroup, FirstCare, Superior, CHIPS and Private Pay. Our mission is to be part of every step our patients and their families take towards a brighter future. We measure every smile, every triumph and every small step to success.
Steps2Strides Therapy Center has locations in Denison, Abilene and Paris. All locations are accepting new patients.
Wichita Falls Opening Soon!!!
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